Zibby is now Katapult

It’s an exciting time for our company — We’re shaking things up when it comes to no credit required financing options. Our consistent and steady growth has brought new customers, new merchants, and pushed us to continue to be the innovator in the lease to own vertical.

Why are we re-branding?

Over the years, we have evolved. We have continued to grow our product offering, allowing customers a lease-to-own option that actually meets their needs. We have evolved with cutting edge payment technologies, integrated with many brick and mortar merchants and have developed plug and play installation with some of the world’s largest Ecommerce platforms and have continually optimized our customer support and customer centers to focus on serving our merchants and customers like you.

Now we have a new look and a new name that better reflects the consumers and the merchants that we serve. Our logo was crafted to jump off the page and be a spark of possibility.

This is Katapult; a lease-to-own platform unlike any other, propelling business for omnichannel retailers, by providing customers the purchasing power they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Customer

When will the rebrand be complete?

We are aiming to have the rebrand completed in Q1 of 2020.

How does this affect my account?

It doesn’t! Your pre-approval is still active. You can manage your account by heading to www.zibby.com/login

Do I have to change anything in my account?

No! There is nothing for our customers to update at this time.

Will your phone number or e-mail address be changing?

You can still contact us with our existing chat, email address and phone numbers that you have.

If I have questions about the rebrand, who can I talk to?

Feel free to contact us at help@katapult.com

I am having trouble checking out with one of your merchant partners. What do I do?

Please reach out to our customer service center via chat, help@zibby.com, or give us a call as we would be happy to assist you!

I have been pre-approved for a lease by Zibby, do I need to re-apply for a lease?

No! Your pre-approval is still active can be used at any participating Zibby/Katapult merchant.

I already have an active lease with Zibby, do I need to do anything with my account?

There is no action required by you at this time. Your account will remain the same.

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